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In order to buy silver bullion below spot price you have to know how to get it for that price and who to buy it from. You won’t find silver for sale under spot price from any place that deals primarily in precious metals. One place you can find deals below spot price is your local pawn shop. They can often times have silver coins or bullion coins for sale, and not know the current worth of those items. In this case, you can get them for below spot price, but you have to be informed and educated before you go in to make a purchase.

For investing in silver as a precious metal commodity, you don’t want to be paying numismatic value on any coins or bullion items that you purchase. You only want to pay for the melt value of the items, and not more. If you do pay more than melt value, this is called a premium, and it should be as small as possible, of course. You can buy silver online or through local dealers at a premium, so knowing what premium you pay elsewhere will help you to know if the pawn shop find is a deal or not.

We have a resource that tells how to buy silver in its various forms, mainly silver coins and silver bullion bars and silver bullion rounds.

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