Buy Silver Coins

In order to safely buy silver coins, you need to know WHAT silver coins to buy, WHERE to buy silver coins, and the fair price of silver coins based on the current price of silver. This page will help you make informed decisions about all these factors.

First, you may be asking yourself “Which silver coins should I buy?” or wanting to know what kind of silver is best to buy. This depends on what kind of buying you want to do. Do you want to collect coins for rarity? Or, do you want to own quantities of silver?

If you want to collect rare silver coins, you are a coin collector, and will pay for numismatic value of the coins you purchase.

If you want to own silver for a store of value in precious metal, then you are an investor, and should buy silver as close to “spot price” as possible. Buy silver below spot price if you ever get the chance. And never pay for numismatic “collectible” value, which is a waste of money to those who invest in precious metals.

Knowing the silver coin values is important when investing in silver in the form of coins. Silver dollars, quarters, and dimes can be purchased many places, but if you do your homework and know the silver coin values when going in, your local pawn shop is a place where you can find silver below spot price. Buying under spot price is an excellent way to invest in silver, but it takes some preparation in educating yourself, knowing the melt values of coins, and “doing the legwork” to go find the hidden treasures in your local pawn shop or other dealer location.

We can help you find silver coin dealers in your area.

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