Investing in Silver

We all know that investing in precious metals, specifically investing in silver, has not always been popular. Many have scoffed at the “safe-haven” of , saying that its returns are not high enough.

By “taking delivery” of a quantity of precious metal bullion you are placing actual portable value in your very hand. The security of actually owning your own true “bank” of cash, than at any time can be converted into paper money “notes” for the purpose of spending. (Silver and gold coins, excepting US “junk” silver coins, are not US “legal tender”). To our knowledge there is no country in the world that mints, or even allows for the direct usage of, precious metal coins for day-to-day use of the people. Therefore, owning the precious metal does require some amount of extra effort when converting it back into currency for spending, but we recommend to avoid that step at all costs, and only do so according to your long-term plan for investing in precious metals. What!? You don’t have one!? Well, you should, and you can get started by educuating yourself on what to plan for, why to plan for it, what is needed, how to execute the plan, and most of all, how to take the first step in getting started with the entire grand process: making your first investment plan for buying precious metals. By creating a plan, you have done more than 99.99% of people do. Don’t delay, begin today on it, because the sooner you “see the light” of silver investing, and taking delivery of said investments, the better off you are. We’re here to help you do that, but NOT just because-we-said-so. We want to educate you on what it is all about, give you a real and unbiased information on what we feel and know to be true, so that you can make your own decision, using the education that you have given yourself by reading here, and abroad, about what it means to invest in silver coins and bullion. You owe it to yourself to do what is right for YOUR future. We’re here to help. Silver coin values, per-coin and for the benefit of your financial future, is what we’re all about.

Here is some community info about investing in silver that can get your appetite whet, if nothing else. But come back here, we are just beginning to divulge our excellent curriculum surrounding the investment in the precious metals markets and the necessity of physical delivery and ownership of the silver (or whatever precious metal you buy).

Setting goals for investment is important. Here’s a tip for investing in silver: imagine what you want to achieve with your investment, and write it down on paper. You need to imagine, in your mind and with as much clarity and detail as possible, exactly how much silver you want to own, and how your like will feel when owning that amount of silver. Get into the details of your final goal and how it looks/feels/smells/etc… What does your house look like? Are you wearing your favorite clothes? What is your occupation? And what does that silver look like, sitting in your safe or in your hands? So, how much are you going to have? Write it down. Another fun and creative goal-setting activity is to decide on a dollar amount of silver that you want to have in your posession. Divide that amount by the current price of an ounce of silver, you’ll get the number of ounce-size silver coins or bullion bars that you’ll have. Imagine this pile, imagine it fulfilling all your plans for it, satisfying all your investment goals. See the pile, see its size and feel the weight. Now multiply it times six! This is what that pile stands to do in the near future. The value of silver in dollars stands to skyrocket in the future of the US economy.

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