Silver Prices

Silver prices worldwide are generally on the rise. While they held relatively steady throughout the 1990’s, since 2004 they have risen up to 400% at some points. See these historical silver charts for a visual aide.

If one wants to invest in silver and “take delivery” of it, the preferred method is to buy silver coins and buy silver bullion in its various forms. When buying silver, the current spot price of silver must be taken into consideration. The current price of silver per ounce, gram, or kilo is vitally important information if one plans to make a purchase. Get a silver quote to check the current price.

By calculating the silver spot price multiplied by the quantity of silver to be purchased, one can know the true current value of the metal within the coins or bullion for sale, this is called the spot value. By then calculating the sale price minus the spot value one can determine the amount they will pay in premiums. Silver pricing fluctuates during market trading hours, but some dealers will lock in an instant price for purchase if you have a contract to buy. That way the buyer is guaranteed a purchase at that set price, and the dealer is guaranteed to make that sale.

If you’re considering investing in silver coins or bullion they you’ll also want to consider the potential for future silver prices.

Silver prices 2014 historical data table

Silver prices 2014 historical data table

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