Silver Coin Values

Silver Coin ValuesAll silver coin values are directly related to the condition and rarity of the coin, or the silver content of the coin, or both. As a general rule common silver coins that are in worn circulated condition (i.e. “junk” silver) are worth little more than the the silver within the coin itself. The same coin but in excellent condition would certainly be worth more, but common silver coins even in this great shape are typically not worth as much as the beginner silver coin collector might expect.

On the other hand, a rare coin will be worth a lot more, and the better the condition then the higher the value of the coin. This goes for gold, silver, copper, nickel and other coins alike, of course. You must first determine the rarity of the coin you have, before taking the next step in selling the coin. If you are buying silver coins then be sure that coins reported as rare are indeed so. Research the current estimated value of the coin before agreeing to purchase. If the coins are of very high value then you may wish to consider hiring an expert to verify details of the transaction and merchandise.

Silver could very possibly be the best single investment you can make today. This website provides you a single source for the most powerful knowledge on this wonderful precious metal. It is beautiful, useful, valuable and stable along with being globally recognized and and traded. Investment in physical silver (e.g. silver coins, silver bullion) can be achieved by purchasing and holding the actual silver yourself or in a safe storage. In addition, taking advantage of shared safe storage and online ordering of silver is possible now today through special gold and silver bullion trading websites (e.g.

Metals like sterling have been a means of exchange for centuries, and still are today. Silver in particular has been used in decoration, art, jewelry, industry, and its value remains high throughout all times because if its versatility and beauty. It always keeps its value, even when the markets fluctuate… and this is because it is REAL MONEY. It holds constant value, as the other commodities and stocks flow around it. It has its own intrinsic value, and can never become worthless like a paper “dollar” can.

Just to mention a few specific areas of interest here, regarding silver: silver coin values (of course), prices, dollar coin value, spot price, “junk” coins, how to buy, how to sell, bullion coins, other bullion forms such as bars, investing and ETF, the metals market… and there are many more areas of expertise to tap value from here. So go ahead and “mine” this website for your own “mother lode” of extremely profitable information.

If you invest in precious metal today, you will own true money, and protect yourself from the ups and downs of owning other commodities that can lose value. Valuable metal is a real safe haven for storing your wealth, and in the future you’ll be so very thankful that you’ve traded in your worthless paper money for true money in the form of precious metal. Own precious metal today, hold it in your hand, and experience it for yourself.

By “taking delivery” of a quantity of precious metal bullion you are placing actual portable value in your very hand. The security of actually owning your own true “bank” of cash, than at any time can be converted into paper money “notes” for the purpose of spending. (Silver and gold coins, excepting US “junk” coins, are not US “legal tender”). To our knowledge there is no country in the world that mints, or even allows for the direct usage of, precious metal coins for day-to-day use of the people. Therefore, owning the precious metal does require some amount of extra effort when converting it back into currency for spending, but we recommend to avoid that step at all costs, and only do so according to your long-term plan for investing in precious metals. What!? You don’t have one!? Well, you should, and you can get started by educating yourself on what to plan for, why to plan for it, what is needed, how to execute the plan, and most of all, how to take the first step in getting started with the entire grand process: making your first investment plan for buying precious metals. By creating a plan, you have done more than 99.99% of people do. Don’t delay, begin today on it, because the sooner you “see the light” of silver investing, and taking delivery of said investments, the better off you are. We’re here to help you do that, but NOT just because-we-said-so. We want to educate you on what it is all about, give you a real and unbiased information on what we feel and know to be true, so that you can make your own decision, using the education that you have given yourself by reading here, and abroad, about what it means to invest in silver coins and bullion. You owe it to yourself to do what is right for YOUR future. We’re here to help. Silver coin values, per-coin and for the benefit of your financial future, is what we’re all about.

Determining the value of a coin, especially those of rare metals like silver and gold, is an obvious necessity when you want to sell or buy. As the seller, you’ll want to get the maximum cash value that the coin can command at that time. This value is higher for coins of better grade (more perfect, less wear or defect) and superior rarity, with many different aspects of the coin’s state of quality being measured in order to determine this value. Self-grading a coin you intend to sell may be accomplished using books or computer software written for that purpose. However the professional grading and valuation of more rare and perfect coins may be advisable, as the skills of a experienced professional could mean the difference between less and more profit.

As the buyer, the value of a prospective purchase is also very important. When you purchase any silver coin with the intention of that coin becoming a real investment then you’ll certainly want to be sure of the quality of that investment at purchase time. If you’re buying silver coins for their melt value, then the numismatic qualities of the coin are irrelevant since your interest is simply on the silver metal within the coin. On the other hand, when you are buying a coin that has numismatic value, then the actual value of the coin usually greatly exceeds the melt value. This being the case, you may self-grade the coin as mentioned before, but again, the expertise of a professional coin grading consultant or company can assure that you’re making a wise investment and getting the real value of your cash, in silver coin value.

When you’re investing in silver then you’ll need to create your strategy before the buying begins. Do you want to collect silver metal, that just happens to be in coin form or bullion items? This type of silver investment is tied heavily to the current market value of raw silver, known as the spot price, for its valuation in cash terms. This type of silver tends to be a bit more liquid that numismatic-quality coins. Or, do you want to collect silver coins for the value in their minting quality and rarity? This type of silver investing is tied in with collector demand and current market supply. Rare coins cannot be reproduced, so as rarity increases the value does as well. As a numismatic collector, the spot price of silver is far less relevant, and your grading skills become far more important. However as a silver metal investor, knowing the spot price and the content of silver in the coin is the skill-set required for sound investment purchases.

Buying bullion is one way of collecting silver, be it in coins, bars or rounds, that allows the investor to make precise decisions when valuing and purchasing silver. The standardized silver content and weights contained within bullion items and minted silver coins allow for simple and measurable analysis of the actual real-time value of the investment. Using this knowledge, weighed against the cash cost of the investment, you can know if you’re getting a great deal, making a good investment. There are many ways to buy bullion, some are safer or more convenient than others. For example, there are local retailers and dealers that sell silver in most metro areas, and these can be a convenient and very safe way to purchase, especially when working with established and reputable dealers. Another example is buying silver at online retailers and auction houses, like APMEX or eBay. Yet another method is to invest through bullion ownership programs that offer online access to your account, like These programs offer actual ownership of bullion that is stored on your behalf, and may be withdrawn at your discretion, usually in whole-bar amounts or if you prefer, current cash sale price of the bullion at market.