Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds

We’re all familiar with silver coins, but what is are silver rounds? Why are they different from coins?

For starters, a coin is minted by a government for use as currency. The coin will have a face value denomination, indicating its relative worth to other denominations of currency in the system. And coins are legal tender for public purchases.

Silver rounds are usually minted by private parties. The rounds usually have stamped into the metal the weight and purity, and the metal name. For instance “ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER” indicates that the round is made of silver, that it is 99.9% pure silver, and that it weighs at least one “troy” ounce. Most rounds do not have any denomination assigned to them, they simply include the information we just discussed.

When investing in silver as a store of value, many people like to own the silver in the form of silver rounds. The familiar shape, the clearly marked weight and purity, and the usual beauty of the design minted on them all make them an attractive form in which to hold on to. The psychological value of having silver in a coin-like form should not be underestimated. If one were to have need to barter with silver, these non-government “coins”, with the look and feel of coin but with greater weight and beauty, plus real and true intrinsic value, could be the most prized form of wealth and monetary exchange in that situation.

Silver prices are on the rise, and for good reason. Many people see the banking “industry” for what it truly is, and more get keen to their tricks each day… the smoke-and-mirrors trickery that banks have used for decades is coming into the light, and as more and more people understand it, the less and less overall confidence people will have in the banking and money systems. The number of people grows, each day, who understand that our “money” is truly worthless… all these printed paper NOTES and minted TOKENS, issued by the so-called “Federal” Reserve Bank and United Stated Mint, are just a sham, called fiat money. The only reason we are still able to use these worthless items for buying is because so many people are still convinced of the value in these “monies”. (And the fact that they are “legal tender”, meaning that by law we must accept them as payment, go else to jail! No joke.) When, not if, a large enough percentage of the population realizes that the paper money is worthless, and that the Fed prints more at an alarming rate thereby decreasing the value of it all, then people will stop accepting the paper, considering it trash. When this happens, you’ll be happy that you own precious metal. Silver is the best to own for this instance because of the small denominations (as compared to gold) and the portability (as compared to directly bartered goods, like food and fuel). Consider silver rounds as a fail safe and fool-proof way of protecting yourself against “wheelbarrow money”.

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