Value of Silver Dollars

Value of Silver Dollars

When selling silver dollar coins the seller should always take the time to learn the sale value of silver dollars beforehand. The sale of these valuable coins should end with the seller and buyer both getting what they feel is a good deal.

When selling silver dollars that are very worn and definitely not collectible, then expect to sell at a value that is near melt value. Also, of the markings of the coin are still visible, check the date and mint mark against the table on this page, to be sure that the coin is not a rare item. If it does end up being a rare coin, then the sell value should be significantly higher than melt value.

Selling silver dollar coins that are in good condition will certainly net higher profits, since these coins are desirable to collectors and investors alike. The silver content alone guarantees a minimum value for the coin, and on top of that value there is a numismatic value for the mint date and location. Some rare silver dollar coin values are in the tens of thousands of dollars! So, be sure to check the chart below to see if your silver dollars are rare ones. Also be sure to check other sources, such as coin value books, as a “second opinion”, before selling.

There are many US silver dollars that are common types in the silver dollar trading market. The most easily found ones are Morgan silver dollars (there is a special page for finding a Morgan Silver Dollar value here), the Peace dollar, Seated Liberty dollars, and Eisenhower dollars. Since these coins have been used as currency in past years, they are more valuable to people who are collecting them for the possible need to use them as currency in the future; they were used and trusted as real money before, because they are silver, and they would easily be accepted as real money again, because of their intrinsic value and intention to be used as currency.

The walking liberty silver half dollar was minted during the early twentieth century in the US cities of Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Considered by some to be the most beautiful of the circulated silver dollar coins, her first appearance came in 1916 at the hands of Adolph A. Weinman who created the first concepts and dies of the initial minting. The Walking Liberty series was minted up through 1947. The value of walking liberty silver half dollars will depend on the rarity and condition of the coin, and the price paid for this silver coin will never be less than its melt value (unless a “deal” is at hand.) And what WOULD a deal be, anyway? You’ll have to know the actual value of the coin before it can be discerned as a deal, and investment, or other. We’ve provided a chart that shows the estimated 2010 value of silver dollars in the walking liberty design, for your convenience. There are also currently-minted silver bullion rounds that feature a walking liberty on the coin face.

Seated liberty dollars are another excellent silver dollar coin minted in the US during the nineteenth century in the cities of Philadelphia, Carson City, New Orleans and San Francisco. This coin is named for the depiction of a seated lady liberty and was minted from 1840 to 1873 although the other silver coins in the seated liberty series continued to be minted through 1891. The value of silver dollars in the seated liberty series can be quite high especially with the rare mintages i.e. 1916-P & -S, 1921-D & -P, 1938-D to name a few. The design is by Christian Gobrecht , and featured not only on the silver dollar but also on the dime, half dime, quarter and half dollar. A chart with the value of silver dollars in the seated liberty design is being compiled now.

(Silver Dollar Sale Value chart)